Online courses for Creatives in Leathercraft and Leather Design

Welcome to DG LeatherCraft Academy, our home for Online Courses that will help you become a Skilled Leather Working Creative.

Your Home Online for Premium Online Courses in Leathercraft

Leathercraft is a challenging skillset to acquire and finding quality information online can be as well. DG LeatherCraft Academy works hard to offer information that you can both understand as well as put to use no matter your skill level.

These Online Courses are designed to give you access to in depth information in areas of Leathercraft that historically could only be acquired after years of trial and error or by apprenticeship. Our goal is to shorten the learning curve so that you will have the correct information as a foundation of your leathercraft skillset. You can then take this knowledge and begin putting it to use so that your skills will continue to get better throughout your career.

What Other Information Do We Offer?

DG LeatherCraft Academy is a paid Online Academy for quality courses that you can purchase, but we also offer a ton of Free information about leather working skills on our YouTube Channel and our Website.

DG Saddlery is our Original Website and our Home Base. This is where you can find information and galleries of saddles and leather products that we build for our customers. There you can also find our Blog where we post articles all about leather work education as well as business.

You can also find us on our YouTube Channel "Don Gonzales." This is where we post videos about leather trade skills as well as small project videos, tip videos, tool reviews, etc.

These are both great resources for quality Free information that you are welcome to check out and put to use in your shop anytime you want.