What is DG LeatherCraft Academy?

This is our New teaching website that will host all of our Premium Online Courses that DG LeatherCraft offers. Our goal with this website is to create a space online for craftspeople to enroll in quality Online Courses all about Leatherwork.

Are these Courses Live and at Set dates and times?

No. All of our courses are recorded and hosted on this platform then delivered to you on any device you choose. This allows you to go through our courses at your own pace anytime and as many times as you want.

Are these Courses Free?

From time to time we may create a short Free course here, but the majority of the courses here are our Premium Courses which we will charge a one time fee to get access too. The price of each course will be dependent on the course curriculum and scope so each course will be priced accordingly. We offer a lot of Free content on our DGSaddlery website as well as our YouTube Channel... and this will continue as usual.

Where are all my other products I have purchased from Don Gonzales?

If you have purchased digital products such as ebooks, patterns, etc from DG Saddlery in the past, then your Online Account and all your products are still there at our DGSaddlery website. DG LeatherCraft Academy is a stand alone platform and is not connected to your account at DG Saddlery. Just keep in mind that any of your Premium Courses that you buy will be here and any patterns and ebooks will be where they have always been at DGSaddlery.